Thursday, June 25, 2009

A good time was had by all

So we went to visit the in-laws this week. Monday I worked a half a day and my husband picked me up and we had a pretty nice drive to where they live. Traffic was reasonable and the weather was nice. BT's dad and brother had gone off to Home Depot when we got there which annoyed him a little since he was excited to his brother and he wasn't there. Bubs was super excited to the nephew who had just woken up and was less than excited to see Bubs. But they got along relatively well after a warm-up and there were few instances of toddler craziness (they are 9 months apart). There was some confusion on the part of my child since he seemed to believe that my husband's twin brother is his daddy. The whole time he would call his uncle Daddy, but once I asked who was holding him and Bubs called his uncle by the right now and identified BT as daddy but proceeded to call them both daddy anyway. In his defense, they do look identical right now with the same haircut and facial hair and they are at about the same weight now. I had to look twice a lot to make sure who was who.

Tuesday we went to the Audubon Zoo which is always nice except in the bone-melting soul-crushing heat which was well over 100 degrees.
Example tweet from the day:"When in the soul-crushing heat at the zoo, stop often and drink water. Die slower."
We had a nice time but all were sticky and a little smelly (oh you know it's true), but the kids had a good time. Bubs was a little frightened by the dinosaur exhibit but he loves the dinosaur his Noni brought him from the gift shop.

Wednesday we went to an indoor playground which was really cute and they had a good time. We need one of those around here since they were all kinds of toys to play with and a bouncy slide and a jungle maze and a huge playhouse. Everyone else was a stay at home mom so I think we looked a little out of place. And then we left when we got back. The weather was horrid and it rained really hard. We went to my mom's since she hadn't seen the child in over a week (she was out of town) and then went home and went to bed early (well, I did, BT stayed up).

So this morning I didn't want to get up and I regret doing so and I'm longing for my bed right now. But it was fun and nice to be together.

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