Thursday, June 11, 2009

Next time I have a kid (names)

I just read a blog that a teenager girl did on future baby names and I'm too old to comment on it, but it got me thinking. I don't know about every girl but I know that my sister, one of our cousins, and I have always talked about our future baby names (like we talked about our weddings). I honestly do not remember the names that I had picked out as a kid. My favorite cousin, Kia, liked Zyla when she was little (like 6) and announced one day that was what she was going to name her daughter. Recently, I told her I would give her 1,000 dollars if she did it but she just laughed. Kia has always like unusual names. One of the most memorable is Paisley (I know) . I begged her to NEVER do that to her child. But now she's moved on to Liberty, which I actually like, for a girl, and Magnum for a boy, at which I laughed long and told her I'm calling him P.I. if she does that. That is a horrible name. But no matter what she names her daughter (if she has one), I'm calling her Bunny. (I'm setting up a joke)

My sister, on the other hand, has always been a traditionalist and made lists of names she liked. She has forbidden me from ever using the names Mariah (family name) or Alexander even though it is doubtful she will ever birth a child of her own. I wouldn't use Mariah but I like Alexander.

Of the three of us, I am the only one to birthed a child. And his name is not one that I ever picked out when I was little. It is a trendier name that is sort of popular now, but I'm hoping unique enough that there won't be 50 in his class or anything. Also he has a nickname...which is actually more common than his real name. My husband picked Bub's name but I agreed to it. BT's family is very traditional in that all the kids have long names with short nicknames. Even our nephew's follows this pattern. Bub's has BT's initals and my husband did that on purpose since I refused to do a Jr. name. I hate those since I think children deserve their own names and their own identities. I wonder why men feel the need to pass their names on so much. It's like they all want a boy so that kid can have their last name and also since dads like sons (they like daughter too but there's something about a son for a guy).

I digress, for a girl, I've always like Juliet. I love love that name. And my husband likes Sophia (nickname Sophie). But I think he will let me pick the name if we have a girl next time. Right now I love the name Calder for a boy, but BT is not so crazy about it, but I am determined. BT named the last kid so I think I should name the imaginary future child. Calder William(family name) so we can call him Cal (eh) or C.W. which would be cool since I have a great uncle who was called C.W. But anyway, I like Calder a lot and Alexander.

Hey I know, we need to give the next kid my initals for symmetry. Hmm...I wonder what starts with an A for a girl...


  1. HA.... I found ur blog... And I have forbid from using either of those names. And u can't use Arianna either. Just so you know... Also I resent the comment, I will never birth a child of my own... It could happen...HAHAHA LOL

  2. I said it was doubtful not impossible.