Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh, man I need a drink

I feel like I've been neglecting this blog, especially after BEDA and posting everyday. We have been so busy lately, but for some reason I haven't blogged about it.

Last weekend was crazy. Long ago I told BT that if The Veronicas came to our area then I wanted to go. Well, then I found out they were coming to The House of Blues in New Orleans and I checked the calendar and my friend's wedding wasn't till the next day so I bought some tickets and got a hotel room and all was great though BT said the only way he'd go is if we went down Bourbon Street afterward since we didn't get to go for our anniversary.) Then the wedding invitation came and the wedding was at 2 in the afternoon which, frankly, is a ridiculous time for a wedding and it's too hot anyway. But, whatever, we can make this work. Then my mom decided she wanted to go visit my sister so she wouldn't be around to care for Bubs. So we called BT's little sister to come and she did and I was thankful.

So after work on Friday I go home (didn't get to see my baby since he was napping) and we left for New Orleans. I forgot the tickets at home so we had to stop at the public library and print out new tickets. Thank God for printable tickets and the public library!

We check into the hotel and they have us in a room on the Bourbon Street side, but I didn't think it would be too bad (ha!). Then we walked to the HoB. We knew it was an all ages show but I didn't really think that we'd been the oldest people in line except for the parents taking their teenage child to a concert. *sigh* And since it was all ages no alcohol was served and BT was not happy since it was one of the reason he agreed to go. Oops! The first band was Carney (video not from our show but in Baton Rouge) and we did not like them. I liked one of their songs, but I couldn't tell which one. Also they didn't play the single they were releasing soon or any of the songs on their album, which was stupid. The second band was called The Pretty Reckless and I didn't know it was Taylor Momsen's band (from Gossip Girl) till she walked out and all the little girls started screaming and I was like hey she lookes like Little Jenny and then I wiki'd her and she was and that was cool. She was wearing a slip dress that had lace on her lower abdomen and you could see her black thong underneath and BT was staring at her. So I leaned over and said she's only 16 and he jumped and was like really. LOL So they were really good and their drummer was much better than Carney's. I would buy one of their CDs. She's a pretty good singer and there were only a couple of mishaps.

Then the Veronicas came out and they were awesome and their drummer is freaking awesome and we had a good time. None of those kids really danced or anything which I found strange. Like they were all too afraid of looking stupid or something. Anyway, I love The Veronicas and BT likes them too now and I'm glad we went.

Then we went and ate at Acme Oyster House and it was too loud in there so we texted each other across the table. Then we went down Bourbon and got a Hand Grenande then BT knocked mine out of my hand by accident and I was sad, but we got some dairquis and they were awful. So we were tired and went back to the hotel. BT went and got us some food but I fell asleep and he woke me up and I ate a 2 burgers (Krystal!) and fell back asleep. It was a good time.

I'll tell you about the wedding some other time.

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