Monday, August 3, 2009

Good stuff on the Internet

I like funny websites as most people do. But there are some I look at religiously everyday. So here they are in no particular order:

1. TV Tropes: a website for "devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations. On the whole, tropes are not clich├ęs." Be careful. It's like the mafia, once you're in, it's hard to get out.

2. Dlisted: For celebrity gossip with a side of bitchiness, this is it.

3. Go Fug Yourself: When celebrity have trouble dressing themselves they can go fug themselves.

4. Cake Wrecks: When "professional cakes go horribly wrong" so much awesome occurs.

5. Cracked: lists of funny stuff

6. 11 Points: ditto, but with 11 points always (This is thanks to Katy, my sister-in-law)

Read and enjoy.

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