Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sad Dream

Last night I dreamt that BT had died (I don't remember how) and I was upset but keeping it together. But then one night I was watching TV with my friends and Bubs was playing and someone said something about sleeping with this guy and I said "I've only ever slept with BT" and I burst into tears because I wouldn't be able to do that again. And then I went to Bubs but he didn't really notice and no one knew what to do. Then it was the funeral and I told the boy to give Daddy a kiss and he did and I said say goodbye to Daddy and he said "Bye Daddy, S'morning" which means See you in the morning. Then we were leaving he said "I see Daddy" and I said he was gone now. And I woke up crying. It was so real.

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