Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's almost over (or "Finale Part I")

Last Heidi runway where they get $9,000 dollars to create their collection and like three months.  Tim Gunn and Heidi go and hip/bootie bump behind the screen which might be disturbing in real life, I don't know.  God this season is so boring.  I'm happy everyone was soooo talented but they don't make good television.  Also the judging was horrible.  Word is that next time Michael and Nina on back on every episode.  This is a very good thing.  All the mixed up judging didn't do anyone any favors.

Tim visits Carol Hannah in the suburbs of New York to view her work so far.  She was inspired by Duke University.  Her color scheme is purpley and dark mostly.  Carol Hannah's family is in and make him a dinner except he has to make biscuits.

Irina is in Upper East Side of Manhattan.  She has a small white poodle named Princess (of course, she does).  She is inspired by Coney Island.  She is making "special" t-shirts and big sweaters and some fur.  He gives her some food for thought.  They go to lunch with her parents and friends.  She and her sister look exactly alike and just like their mother.  Her parents expect her to win with no question which is nice but doesn't leave a lot of room for failure.  I see why she is so driven now.

Althea is in Dayton, Ohio.  She is inspired by science fiction movies and the strong women in them.  Tim is concerned that it is too costumey.  She needs to focus and edit.  They go visit her family and friends.  Apparently she has been sewing since the 5th grade.

Irina is apparently unfamiliar with copyright law and is apparaently also stupid because she tried to use copyrighted images on her t-shirts.  Bless.  Now she is stuck.  Althea is happy to be going to Fashion Week as is everyone else.  There is a lot of tension between the two, but not enough to be interesting.  They both do the mean girl fake nice very well.  I expect with the two of them being so pretty and catty they've had a lot of practice.  Carol Hannah is arriving late because she has a stomach virus that is contagious.

Tim goes around and questions everyone's collection.  Althea and Carol Hannah have consistency problems and Irina is having color issues and problems with her finale dress.  General cattiness between Althea and Irina abounds.  Anyway, choosing models, etc.  Nina and Micheal show up to give advice and add extra pressure.  Models, blah, blah.  Heidi come in with Tim and that never goes well.  One final suprise: they have to create one more look.  I'm so shocked (not really).  Why do they seem so shocked?  Have they never watched the show?  Honestly, I would expect this and have something in mind, at least.  Whatever.  They have help with Logan, Christopher, and Gordana.  Althea gets Logan, Irina takes Gordana, and Carol Hannah gets Christopher.  Carol Hannah looks jealous that Althea has Logan. Oh and the models get to choose the 13th model for this look.  So now I know what that episode will be about and I don't have to watch it.  I wasn't going to anyway because I'm really tired and don't care that much.

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