Friday, November 6, 2009

The last challenge (or "The Art of Design")

So I missed most of last week, but Logan and Koji are out and Christopher is somehow still on. I don't know why either.

Last challenge before Bryant Park and everyone is super excited. Althea and Irina are fighting because Irina is a bitch and can't shut up. Gordana is still around. Huh, who would have thought? Anyway... what's up with Heidi's hair?

The designers go to the J. Paul Getty Museum where Tim and the Mayor welcome them which is a little late. The challenge is to "create a design using the Getty Center as inspiration." Althea is inspired by the building itself, Carol Hannah chooses a French bed with blue curtains and bedding, Irina chooses a painting called "Mischief and Repose" by John William Godward, Christopher is inspired by a foundation, and Gordana chooses a Monet painting. Everyone goes to Mood and gets their stuff. Irina gets a giant, giant Scandinavian rabbit fur. Haha Tim who basically tells them there can be only one.
Gordana makes fun of Heidi's literal sensibilities. Christopher is stunned he is still around. So are the rest of us, honey.

At the apartment the ladies bitch, blah blah. At the workroom, Tim comes around. Christopher needs an editing eye, Carol Hannah shouldn't lose the sophistication, Irina worries Tim with her roadkill jacket(?), Althea perplexes Tim and needs to bring a critical eye (Irina thinks this is funny), and Gordana has achieved her look.

God, I hope Irina loses so she will shut her face. (She is good, but humility is a little something she should think about.)

Judges: Heidi, Cynthia Rowley (who doesn't write anything down), Nina Garcia, Cindy Crawford (who hasn't ages quite as well as Heidi but is still beautiful)

Althea - short gold dress with low neckline and low sides
Judges - too ambitous, skirt overworked, top underworked

Carol Hannah - long gold dress shiny at the top with a slash from hip to thigh and then a more matte material and a one shoulder braided strap
Judges - dress doesn't reflect bed, playing it too safe, but lovely 

Christopher - long gray blue dress with a little ribbon belt at the waist and a higher neck
Judges - love the top, heavy on the bottom, (he cries when Heidi asks if he is confident in this dress, something about a rock)

Gordana - long flowy white, gray, mauve dress that really does reflect that painting
Judges -  beautiful, needs to take a bigger chance

Irina - knee length green flowy dress with a gold belt and long sleeves
Judges - like the back, length old lady, too much styling

Heidi calls on everyone to explain why they should go and who should go with them.  Althea surprisingly calls for Irina and vice versa. Huh.

So going to (last year's) Fashion Week is Irina, Carol Hannah, and Althea.

Christopher is out.  Gordana is out.  No real surprises here except how Christopher made it all the way through.  He is nice enough but damn.

Models of the Runway:

I think Katie expected Christopher is out and Matar is mad that she is not in the top three and she kind of calls out Heidi on Gordana designs.  Models except Katie go out to have some fun.  Skin care and makeup artist is coming to the apartment. 
Katie thinks Irina is a "wild card."  I don't think so.  I just noticed that even without shoes Lisa is as tall as Heidi who is in heels.  Most of the other girls would be as tall if they had shoes on though.  Lisa is really tall.
Althea - Tanisha (who talks to herself a lot)
Carol Hannah -  Lisa
Irina - Kalyn

Katie and Matar are out.  No surprises there either.  Aw, the models are really boring.  I wonder how their finale episode will go.

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