Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And I'm back...

We had a nice time though I'm not sure everyone else did.  Half the family was cranky all weekend long.  I was just trying to get along and enjoy the quiet, the beach, and my drink.  I feel like I succeeded for the most part.  Little man loved the beach specifically the sandy part.  He was a little less enamoured of the water though once he got used to it on both days he had fun in it.  The first day we had a great sandbar right in front of us and he loved that.  The second day his grandfather and one of the family friends that came along made a sandcastle and they had toy knights and soldiers and so Bub spent quite a while playing castle.

The weather was beautiful and not too hot with a nice breeze especially in the mornings.  The water wasn't the best I have seen, too many sea hares and too much seaweed where we were, but it was pleasant outside and nice to be away from home and work.  We went to the beach for two days and then came home on Monday.  We didn't do too much other than that.  Just hung around.  The drive home was ridiculous though.  It's normally a 6 hour drive, but it took us 8.5 hours to get home.  It was insanely back up almost the whole way home.  So we are all super tired today.  Funny how that much driving can wear you out.

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