Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 5

So I did a 20 minute WAtP this morning. That was good. Then I stopped at Starbucks and made a great breakfast choice of their spinach feta wrap with egg white. And made a horrible choice in drinks. You know when you do something and then immediately regret it. Yeah that was me. Better choices. That is going to be one of my challenges. I know what I should get but I don't always get it. I need to work on that. Weight Watchers was good at getting me to make the right choices. There is something about the points system that makes me want to do the right thing because I hated wasting points on something stupid. You'd think that would translate the same when counting calories but my mind doesn't think about it in the same way.  Plus I find 5 points for something is easier for me to compute than 300 calories. So next goal is to get onto Weight Watchers. I just need to establish a workout routine before I start that.

This morning a friend posted about the Color Run which looks really interesting to me. Apparently you run or walk this 5k and at intervals you get blasted with color so by the finish line you are rainbow colored and then there is a big party. This actually looks fun to me! And they will be in New Orleans in November. I would love to do this but I don't know if it will work out being so close to Thanksgiving and all. Something to think about. But this lead me down the internet road to the Couch to 5k program. I've heard of it before and know some people who have done it. But I never liked running so I didn't look into it. Now I'm seriously considering trying it. It use to be that I couldn't leave the house in the mornings since I couldn't leave my son alone and I wasn't going to wake him up. That's why my primary exercise routines have been in the house (well, that and it is crazy hot). But BT is home in the mornings now so nothing is stopping me from going outside (except the heat). So I am giving the C25K some thought. Maybe after these 21 days are up. Maybe before. We will see.

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