Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 6-8 in which I embark on utter madness

Day 6 and 7 - Ah, the weekends. My downfall always. I didn't do any exercise unless you count cleaning the house (hint: I do). I did do some shopping and walking around on Saturday and then cleaned on Sunday. Mopping is hard work, okay? I bought an armband so I could embark on my new obession, the Couch to 5K program. I also downloaded a podcast that keeps the time for you, provides the right beats per minutes and also has cues to alert you when it is time to switch from running to walking and vice versa. That lead to ...

Day 8 - I got up at 5:15, nurse the baby girl, pumped and then got dressed. So I made it out of the house at 5:50. I really have got to get up exactly at 5:00 to start this routine. Anyway, I did it. I did the first day of C25K and I am so happy with myself. I mean I sweated forever even after my shower and my legs and butt and arms (for some reason) are hurting. But it felt good to do something beyond my normal. It wasn't too bad in the morning because the sun is not fully up but it still got hot out there. Running is so not my thing but they say you start to like it after a while. I am not convinced of this fact, but everyone has to start somewhere. I'm thinking of taking the big dog out with me. He'd like the running and being outside. Anyway I'm starting at 3 days a week so tomorrow will be an off day. Rather than taking the day completely off I might do some Pilates for stretching and low impact exercise. Regardless I'm chalking today up as a good job done. 

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