Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Great Food Truck Race

It's not really a secret amongst my family and friends how much I love food trucks. Sadly there is only one in my town but luckily it is just awesome. Anyway, I had never saw an episode of The Great Food Truck Race before but I have been watching Cupcake Wars steadily and they have been advertising it. So I settled down the other day and watched it with Button. The show has eight teams competing for a cash prize. This year the twist is that none of the teams have any food truck experience. They just have the concept. So the winner gets $50,000 and to keep the food truck.  The teams are:
Barbie Babes - cooking Australian BBQ. They were behind the entire episode and I really wanted them to go home first. But they slid by.
Coast of Atlanta -cooking seafood. One of the ladies was quite rude and I wasn't really invested in them either.
Momma's Grizzly Grub - cookin comfort food pasta. No real feelings on them.
Nonna's Kitchenette - cooking their nonnas’ Italian dishes. They seemed ok.
Pizza Mike's - cooking pizza. These guy's were pretty cool and I hope they make it far.
Pop-A-Waffle - cooking waffles. Now I love a waffle truck but I'm not sure about the food they were serving. Also I really wanted the one to quit waving that flag around.
Seoul Sausage - cooking Korean-style sausages. I liked these guys and I have a feeling they will be around a while.
Under the Crust - cooking savory and sweet mini-pies. The main chef had a really sad story and I wanted them to stick around another episode just so she wouldn't have to go home first. Unfortunately they made the least amount of money so they had to go home.

The first episode consisted mainly of the teams learning their food trucks and figuring how to cook, price and sell from them.The Seoul Sausage and the Pizza Mike's guys have been cooking together as a business for a while and that was to their advantage. The Barbie Babes were just terrible and they just couldn't pull themselves together but they were more aggressive in selling and I think Under the Crust priced too low so that is why they came in last and Barbie Babes squeaked by.

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