Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nursing in Public

Now I am a big believer in breastfeeding, obviously. But I have a harder time with nursing in public. It's not something I do a lot and never without a cover. I don't have a problem with those who can nurse without a cover. That doesn't bother me though I know it bothers a lot of people. But whatever, gotta feed the baby. Usually the only time I nurse in front of others is at my parent's or my in-law's. Both sets of parents are supportive. But I always use a cover even at their houses. I remember with Bub at my in-law's house I would go upstairs every time and after a while I began to feel isolated. I wanted to be in the company of other people and watch whatever they were watching. So I asked BT if they would mind. No, he said, they won't care. And they never did. Never even blinked. It is very nice to have parents who are supportive especially knowing that a lot of people's mothers or mothers-in-law give them a hard time.

This weekend I went to a baby shower and I knew that Button was going to need to be fed. I thought ok, I am going to be in a room full of people I mostly don't know. But I am fairly good at getting her under a blanket and nursing without it being a big deal. But yeah, she was not quiet about the whole thing and so I don't think it went as well as I hoped it would. I'm pretty sure I flashed the left side of the room when she flailed under the blanket. And it was so hot in there that the second time I tried nursing her she got really mad because she got hot. I hate making people uncomfortable so I hope they were all understanding. No one said anything to me. I'm sure it was fine. I just don't like being so awkward about something that is perfectly natural. And that it is my own hang-up. I need to get over that.

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