Monday, November 5, 2012

Hiding Christmas

When I was a child I didn't go into my parent's room or in their closet very often. It wasn't that I was forbidden, it was just a place I didn't feel welcome. Like it was their space and I was intruding when I went in which now as an adult I understand. But BT and I have essentially done the opposite of that. Bub seems to feel like our space is his space. We watch a lot of movies together in bed, he comes and crawls in with us in the mornings. He showers in our bathroom (though he needs to move into his own bathroom soon) and he goes in our closet.

So now where do I hide these Christmas presents? Usually under the bed but Button is getting something large and it is not going to fit under there. And, like I said, Bub feels oh so comfortable hanging out in our room. The attic? On a shelf in someone's closet? I don't know. Where do people hide oversized presents? It was easy when it was just him. But now I have to balance out both their Christmases and she might not know what is going on but he definitely does.

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