Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little peacock

Thanks again to Pinterest for the idea of Button's peacock costume. I first saw the idea when I was pregnant with her and I knew that is what I wanted to do. I looked at many tutorials but in the end I made a tutu using teal, blue and brown tulle and added some teal and peacock feathers to the back to make the "tail." I bought a dark blue onesie for her to wear underneath.

I decided to make her a simple headband using the stretchy kind and added a small peacock feather as well as a few leftovers from the peacock thing I had bought. I think it was meant to be used for bouquets but I took it apart and used the pieces. It worked because she is so small that I couldn't have anything really big on her back and head.

Something else I bought was some skin tone colored knee high socks. I shortened the toe to fit her but in the end it was warm enough that she didn't need them though after the sun went down I should have put them on her.

I'm pretty proud of the whole things. This will probably be the only time I make her costume for her but I think I did alright this year.

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