Friday, November 16, 2012

Sweet TV

I don't get to watch a lot of TV for myself. I mean I watch a lot of children's television and movies but there are not a lot of show I watch for myself. I'm about 15 episodes behind on Once Upon a Time though I am determined not to give up on that show. But what's funny is that even though I won't sit down and watch a TV drama, I will sit down and watch cooking competitions. Baking competitions specifically. 

My favorite show is Cupcake Wars. I don't know why. Maybe because in a world where I have money and time, I would open a cupcake food truck. I think I would love that. Anyway, I love watching them come up and make these delicious looking and sounding cupcakes. The cupcake, in my opinion, is the perfect dessert. And you always know when a baker messes up. I mean honestly no more strawberry and champagne or red velvet. And always brand your display final competitors. Have you never watch this show before!?

My new favorite is Sweet Genius. I just started watching that recently. But it is fun and I like the different rounds of the show and watching the chefs/cooks incorporate the weirdest things into their desserts. The candy level is really interesting, but all of them are really cool. Ron Ben-Israel is really a character and I like the faces he makes and his commentary on the desserts presented and when he is watching them cook.

And while I worry about watching regular TV with my son because you never know what is going to happen or be said on a drama or comedy, baking competitions are pretty safe. So one day I will get around to Once Upon a Time or finished Eureka or Warehouse 13 but for right now a little sweet TV is just the thing.

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