Friday, November 9, 2012

On having a girl

Ican honestly say I didn't care either way if Button was a boy or a girl. I really wanted a boy the first time around and I got that wish so it didn't matter if I was having another son or getting a daughter. That being said, I am pretty happy to have a girl. I don't consider myself really girly but I like things to be a certain way regarding clothes and shoes. Matching is important to me. So having a girl and getting to have girl clothes is fun for me with all the accessories and what not. BT use to complain that I dressed Bub up like a doll but that can go double for Button.

Beyond the clothes, I know that having a daughter will be both awesome and frightening as she grows up. She is definitely much more opinionated that her brother. Bub is pretty accepting and was willing to put up with the choices (and the mistakes) we made, which is good in an oldest child. Button also likes things a certain way, her way to be exact. So I foresee many clashes between the two of us as we each try to get our own way. Luckily as the Mom, all ways here are my ways.

But I hope that we have a close relationship like I have with my own mom. That I will always be a source of comfort for her and she will enjoy spending time with me as she gets older. I hope we have a strong bond and that she doesn't drift away from me or if she does that she will always come back.

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