Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mini-rant: On Weaning

So Button turns a year next month and as much as love nursing her it's starting to be the time to wean her for various reason. I looked to the internet for suggestions, most of which I already knew, and to see about giving whole milk. But EVEN THOUGH I've given of myself for a whole year not even counting the 9 months it took to incubate her, weaning is still apparently frowned on if it isn't HER idea. Look, I've done the whole year (almost but we will get there) like it is suggested but I don't have the milk or the strength or the ability to deal with those sharp sharp teeth it takes to go on after that. I really just want to belong to myself again. Sure I'll miss it but I don't need a hard time because I'm not going on for longer, Breastfeeding Websites. But thanks for making this a more guilt inducing situation. Because I don't have enough of those.

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