Monday, August 5, 2013

The Ideal Situation

A while back I left work at 2:00 to take care of Button so BT could go to work early. I picked up Bub after school and we did normal after school stuff.  Right now I usually only pick him up on Friday afternoons when I get off of work. But this was a Tuesday and it was nice. I realized then what my ideal situation would be. I like picking Bub up from school and having more time in the afternoon/evening to take care of things. As it is right now everything is so rushed from getting dinner on the table to doing homework to having baths and story times and getting them both to bed at a decent time. Granted these things will be easier once BT gets a daytime job and is home at night to help. But even then I think my ideal would be to work from about 9:30 to 1:30 but earlier if necessary. Button could go to a Mother's Day out program at a nearby church. I'd have plenty of time to go get her and then to pick him up later. And we could spend time together at a more relaxed pace. I could get out and do the work that I like and she would get social time with babies her age. So this would be the ideal.

The ideal ideal would be to have work at home job. Every now and then I look at jobs that are library related and allow telecommuting. I just haven't found one that would be right for me. In that situation Button would still go to a Mother's Day out program so I could work and she could get out. I would love that so much. I don't know if I will ever get to do either of these things. It would be great though.

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