Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A few of their favorite things

Last night I was playing with Button in her room in an attempt to give Bub some peace during his bath time and I started thinking about the toys she plays with consistently. And then about the toys he plays with regularly too. Honestly, his favorite toys are moving to mostly electronic. He loves his Nintendo 3DS and to play on our tablets and to play games on the Wii. Toy-wise though I think his favorite toys are his Legos and the Mega Bloks that he got as a toddler. He will still build things out of those and I don't mind them being where Button can reach them. Unlike his Legos which are smaller and a bit of a choking hazard. (His aunt and uncle actually gave him a Mega Bloks Power Ranger Super Samurai for Christmas I haven't let him open still. 284 tiny little deathtraps, I mean, pieces. But he is desperate to put it together. But 284 tiny little pieces.) They both like to build things and destroy them so the bigger Mega Bloks are a good go-to toy for them to play with together. His other favorite things are his VTech Switch and Go Dinos. He has about 4 of them and he plays with them quite often. His favorite is the spinosaurus and he'll play with those for a while.

Her favorite toys are anything that belongs to him and I would say her Little People Princess Castle. My sister got it for her for her 1st birthday and I didn't know how she would do with it. But surprisingly she plays with it a lot. Big brother will even play with it with her. The nice thing (I guess?) is that you can buy the princesses separately and they make good little presents for Easter or Christmas stockings. Right now she has Snow White and Cinderella who come with the castle and Tiana and Rapunzel. She likes to make the princesses do their sounds and open up the castle doors. She also likes her Walk 'n Roll motorcycle and her stroller style walker. She doesn't play with them as much now that she can walk on her own but she still likes to ride on the motorcycle and push around the stroller. She also loves the LeapFrog Peek-a-Shoe Talking Octopus. But I keep losing the balls that go with it so right now there are only three. Toys with multiple pieces don't do well in my house but I try. She also has a picnic basket and tea pot that she loves. They make sounds and play songs. Anything that plays music is a hit with her.

It's funny. They have so many toys and really only play with a few. But those few favorites rotate over time so I never know what the next new favorite is going to be.

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