Tuesday, July 2, 2013

She goes walking around

At the end of May right around 14 months Button took her first steps. And thank goodness her dad was there or I never would have heard the end of it. Anyway, she would take a few steps here or there but never very many and never more than maybe 3. So surprise surprise when last Thursday she just started walking. Everywhere. All around the house. She even walked around her aunt's apartment when we visited Sunday. I didn't know how she'd do in an unfamiliar environment but she was fine.

She is a pretty good walker though slow and cautious. But she can pick herself back up when she stumbles, squat and then stand back up and doesn't put her hands up for balance. I guess because she walked sort of a little late. Bub was running by 15 months. He started walking at 12 months, the day after his 1st birthday. I was beginning to think Button was never going to walk. I think she needed to figure it out first before she started. It was like she needed to be able to do all the little things that go into walking so when she started she knew just how to do it. I think this might be a further clue as to how her personality is going to go.

So she's walking. Now everything is in reach and her aunt got a taste of what having a fully mobile, walking toddler is like. Because Button is now even more into everything if that was even possible. I have a feeling no one or thing is really safe anymore. Another milestone down and the difficulty level has been raised.

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