Thursday, October 22, 2009

Location, location (or "Around the World in 2 Days")

Once again, this is written as I watch.
Blah blah blah, people gone, we are all good blah

The designers go to Rodeo Drive to meet Tim and Michael Kors who talks about locale inspiration.  Back at the workroom,  Tim lays out all the locations and the designers choose what they want.
Carol Hannah - Palm Beach
Nicolas - Greece
Althea - St. Tropez
Gordana - New York
Irina - Aspen
Christopher - Santa Fe
Logan - Hollywood

$150 - one day challenge. Usual stuff at Mood.  Logan is feeling okay, and Irina is planning a 3 piece outfit (and is bitchy).  Nicolas and Christopher worry about Michael Kors' reaction.
Tim Gunn comes in and makes his rounds.  Gordan is making a necklace and no dress.  Tim is worried.  Althea is doing a mock-up first so she can get the tailoring right on the actual dress.  Christopher has something going on.  Tim says make it fabulous.  Carol Hannah is making a print dress (it looks like a mumu) (Uli would rock Palm Beach).  Tim says cliche.  Nicholas is doing white with a pant.  Logan is making something young and "Hollywood."  Irina is making a lot.  Tim says to watch proportions.  Models come in.  Logan is struggling with fitting Celine.  Irina is very talented but crosses the patting self on the back line a lot.  Christopher is not doing well.  He cuts the dress short to try to make it better.


Judges: Heidi, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Milla Jovovich (who tries very hard to be nice)

Logan - Hollywood - white pants with a blue tank top and a black tank sweater vest/jacket (eh)
Althea - St. Tropez - gold shorts with a white layered top and an off white shear jacket (cute)
Nicolas - Greece - gray pant with a white crisscross long sleeve top (eh)
Carol Hannah - Palm Beach - long green printed dress with cross cross rolled straps (pretty)
Christopher - Santa Fe - brown shirt with white and blue sheer top and a large belt to separate (IDK)
Irina  - Aspen - brown pant, tan cowled shirt, faux fur sleeveless jacket (nice)
Gordana - New York - silver dress with a jeweled collar (IDK)

Top 3:

Althea - sexy, surprising
Carol Hannah - love braiding, "at home glamour"
Gordana - necklace is beautiful, very Park Avenue (poor thing immediately starts defending her dress, they have her so beat down)

Bottom 3:

Christopher - costumey, belt only interesting thing
Nicolas - wrong Greece (movie), no fantasy
Logan - styling bad, not outrageous enough

Best line from Milla Jovovich: "If this was called Project I Didn't Mind It, then [Logan] would win."

Winner:  Irina
Out:  Nicolas (WTH!? I thought for sure it would be Christopher.  Ah well, Nicolas had to go at some point.)  And Milla Jovovich is crying.  Sha.

Models of the Runway:

Koji didn't like her outfit so she wasn't surprised.  The models meet with Heidi.  Nothing of note happens.   Katie wants Christopher to get some balls and make something amazing.  The models hang out.  This shit is fascinating (not really).
The models go to burlesque class to relax and it's pretty funny too.

Irina - Kalyn
Gordana - Matar
Carol Hannah - Lisa
Althea - Tanisha
Christopher- Katie
(always Logan, always Celine and Koji every fricking time)
Logan - Koji

Celine is out.  She was nice, but not bright.  She was a good model though. But she falls down on the way out.

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