Friday, October 16, 2009

A Shiny Shiny Challenge (or "Sequins, Feathers and Fur, Oh My!)

Christopher is worried since he has been in the bottom a couple of times. Shirin is confident and Carol Hannah feels alright since she's been in the middle.
The designers go to the Museum of Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to meet Tim Gunn and BOB MACKIE who everyone is excited to meet. Tim goes over how Bob Mackie makes shiny shiny costumes for very famous people ("Sultan of Sequins").

Challenge: Create an extravagant stage look in the manner of Bob Mackie for Christina Aguilera (2 day challenge)

Nicholas think he works like Bob Mackie apparently. Everyone runs around like crazy at Mood. They seem so excited for this one. Nicolas realized they only have 4 challenges left. This is a shiny shiny challenge. Gordana is struggling and starts over the next morning.  Tim comes around for hints and suggestions (and to crush dreams politely).  Shirin is making this huge "Hollywood glamour" dress. "Genevieve meets Vampira" is what Tim says and he doesn't like anything about it. Because Nicolas is working with all white, it is almost a redux of his Ice Queen. Irina just doesn't like Shirin. She has expressed this a lot. I have no idea what Shirin is making because it looks horrible on her model.
Logan and Carol Hannah have a little bom chicka wa wa going on.  Gordana is still losing her mind.
Nicolas says that Irina is a good designer.  Her only problem is that she is a bitch.  And she is acting like one right now about Carol Hannah, saying she is mediocre and doesn't have a great personality.  She says this to Celine who has zero personality.  Also Irina does come off very bitchy.

Heidi, Bob Mackie, Nina Garcia (YAY) and Christina Aguilera who is tiny next to Heidi

Althea - silver long dress with crisscrossed silver sequin pattern and a furry black jacket
Logan - short zebra print sequin dress with one shoulder and a bolero jacket
Shirin - long black dress with silver, white and black sequin ruffle things on the side of the dress and a dominatrix choker top
Christopher - short black dress (?) with bubbles on the side and a corset top and sparkly panties showing through (WHY) which turns out to be hot pants and a jacket with the corset underneath (Is that better?)
Nicolas - short strapless feathered white dress
Gordana - oh em gee, long white dress with sequins in the middle and it's a good thing she has immunity
Irina - short black with black/silver sequins on the front and a jacket
Carol Hannah - long black dress with sequins and feather, very Mortica Gomez

Top 3:
Carol Hannah - glamorous, promise to turn into something more revealing, a WOW dress
Althea - clever, looks beautiful

Nicolas - very pretty, very workable

Bottom 3:
Shirin - upscale witch outfit, Nina like the top half, the bottom is a no
Christopher - Lady Marmalade redux, aw, Christina gives E for effort, but it's still a no
Logan - Christina is getting cavewoman from the jacket, Nina is getting safe

Winner - Carol Hannah which is surprising

Out - Shirin! Thank God.  She's okay and all, but she was annoying.

Models of the Runway:

Ebony starts crying and whining that she is going home when Shirin is eliminated.  Then Shirin cries and Ebony cries some more.  Fun.  Heidi calls out the models who were frowning and slouching during the dress talks.  HA. 
Models have to do a commercial.  Lisa sucks.  Everyone else is okay.

Designers have to pick all new models and can't choose their last model.
Carol Hannah - Tanisha
Irina - Katelyn
Logan - Celine
Gordana - Katie
Nicholas - Koji
Christopher - Matar
Althea - Lisa

So Ebony is out anyway though machinations by Althea and Carol Hannah since CH loves Lisa and Althea loves Tanisha so they basically switched models for this challenge.

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