Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wedding Dress Throwdown (or "A Fashionable New Beginning")

So I'm a week late with this, but I'm going to live blog watching this.  I haven't read any spoilers or recaps or anything.
Everyone is sad. Blah blah blah
Irina is smug. Even Logan is tactfully like why.

New models. in wedding dresses. uh oh
Challenge: remake wedding dresses for divorced ladies

Shirin gets the dress with the least fabric or decoration.  Poor thing (not really).
One day challenge.  I'm getting tired of these.

Nicholas' client - cruelty free (sweet)

Irina's client wants a Cher costume ! and also ?

Can buy 2 yards of fabric and decorations

Gordana is divorced and is dying the dress black.  She calls her kids and is crying. :(

 Tim Gunn comes in to inspire and simultaneously be the harbinger of doom.  He is multi-talented.
Christopher is making a black and white dress.
Irina - short kimono dress
Epperson - black and white, lab coaty
Logan - tuxedo style feel, worries Tim, client doesn't like dresses
Gordana - Tim wants her to push the look, beautiful though
Shirin - looks defeated - Nicolas burst in laughter, listening to her description of her client's dress and she cries because it is ugly

Wedding dress at the core of the whole look
Epperson has to change it and so does Logan b/c they weren't using enough of the dress
Shirin decides to use thread for decoration

Runway day:
Christopher's model doesn't want to be a fat grandma, but it seems cute.
Nicolas - one of the most hideous things he's ever made

Models have shown divorcees how to walk.
Judges: Heidi, Micheal Kors (YAY) Zanna Roberts (Senior Fashion Editor, Marie Claire) and Tamara Mellon (President of Jimmy Choo, Board Member of Halston)

Irina: knee length silvery dress with a gold tie belt and shear sleeves
Shirin - above the knee white dress with a green crisscross thread pattern and a empire waist with a green detail under the bust
Logan - wool hounds tooth pants with white ruffled top and sort of a bustier design
Carrol Hannah - above the knew gray dress with a feathery effect and a small black jacket (good model)
Althea - knee length blue dress with a gold belt at the waist and blue cups on the bust with a striped detail down the dress
Nicholas - pants outfit with a burgundy top and a small short sleeve jacket
Gordana - strapless blue gray dress with a cool pattern at a slant and some small ruffles, very rock-n-roll (fits model)
Christopher - bubble dress with a shear overlay and some sort of belt (looks weird though)
Epperson - white dress with a black crisscross pattern at the waist and a jacket that ties under the bust (cool)

Top 3:

Gordana - fits well, good job

Shirin - model not favorite, but judges like; Cher in  Half Bred moment

Irina - looks expensive, unbelievable

Bottom 3:

Christopher - too much volume, space bubble dress

Epperson - Heidi, Oktoberfest; Zanna, pirate dress

Logan - another Oktoberfest moment

Winner - Gordana!
Out -Epperson  NOOOOOOO!!!! I really thought he'd stay.  He is very gracious.

Models of the Runway:

Models are happy that Gordana won.  Koji and Celine are freaked out.  They think that Epperson is more talented than Nicolas.
Gordana tells Tara that she might pick her again and Matar freaks out.  She is sad about Epperson.  Sha.
So cute the models teaching the divorcees to walk.  So cute how short some of them are next to the models which makes me realize how short I would look since I'm only 5'1"
Logan is last so he picks Koji.
Tara is out.  Gordana is crying but of a misunderstanding.  I think I pick you and Althea pick you sound a lot or something. Gordana is really broken up.  Tara is broken up and will miss everyone.

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