Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sew blue (or "The Sky's the Limit")

The challenge is to create 2 looks using the color blue for the Inc brand at Macy's in teams of 2.  So you know what that means.  The winner gets to create a holiday dress for Macy's.  Everyone has 15 minutes to sketch and then they pitch their ideas to Marina Riardon from Macy's and the team leaders will be chosen after that.
Irina - Gordana
Althea - Logan
Carol Hannah - Shirin
Christopher - Epperson
Louise - Nicolas

They all skip off to Mood and Louise misplaces her damn money and this is not a good start for her.  Also she is stuck with Nicolas who is going to bitch about her constantly.

So they get to work and Tim Gunn goes around being both hopeful and the harbinger of doom.  Nicolas states repeatedly that he hates ruffles.

Heidi, Michael Kors (YAY), Zanna Roberts (from Marie Claire), Martina Riardon
You know the fact that the judges change so much is both a good and bad thing.  It's bad because they can't see what kind of talent the designers have beyond this one challenge.  It's good for the same reason.  They won't keep someone around based on a past design or personality.

Top 2:

Carol Hannah - Shirin: the color scheme is nice, both black and teal-ish blue dresses

Irinia - Gordana: business day look and a very cute striped day dress with v necks
For reasons unknown, Irina throws Gordana under and tells the judges that she doesn't know how to do anything with Irinia's direction.  It seems unnecessary. She also gives Gordana a hard time about the business wear  but the judges love it.

Bottom 2:

Christopher - Epperson:  First of all, Christopher cries a lot this time.  Of course, this is the first time they hated something he made.  The colors of the two dresses don't match to start.  They made a bubble dress and a shirt dress.  Both would have been cute except the fabric was all wrong especially the shiny material on the shirt dress.  Michael calls it a librarian shirt dress made in the 60's, LOL and also HEY.

Louise - Nicholas:  Both were fairly awful with these ruffles just stuck on them for no real reason.  Nicolas was right.  Heidi makes the point about 5 times that Nicolas is lucky to have immunity.

Irina - WINNER
Louise - OUT

Models of the Runway:

The models visit a runway coach to help them with their turns or something and to call them "pumpkin" or "pumpkin pie" about 1000 times.  So that was fun.  We learn the Celine's mom doesn't know she is doing this so she hopes she doesn't watch TV (ever!).  So anyway, on the runway some designers pick their old models, some stick and some switch it up.  Vanessa is out!

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