Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This is not an all-devouring Dinosaur. It is a Wednesday morning.

 So I staggered out of bed this morning and did my usual thing.  Little man and I are prepared to leave, on time, and I go to open the door to the garage.  Nothing.  I locked and unlocked several times all the while turning the knob.  Nothing.  It won't turn.  I can get out of the house and all.  That's not the problem.  The problem comes from the fact that my effing car is in the garage and there is no way to get it out.  I called my husband thinking he might have a solution.  I called like 10 times.  I sent the following text message: HELP. Nothing.  I called his store.  Nothing.  Keep in my that I have a two year old all the while "helping" and saying things like "stuck."  But when I started crying out of panic and frustration he stroked my hair and asked if I was okay.  Awwww.   I took the door knob off but that didn't help.  Finally, I called my mom.  Yes, I apparently cannot handle any situation on my own without calling my mom.  She came over to try to take the hinges off the door since I didn't have a hammer inside.  Yes, we have like 5 hammers in the garage I couldn't get into to, but nothing inside.  The hinges are painted over so they are stuck.  God save me.
FINALLY BT calls back and I yell explain about the door and he comes and opens the garage for me.  We have a minor fight and leave for our respective works.
So I make it to campus with no incidence, only to find the (one way) street my parking lot is on is blocked off for some kind of emergency.  I drive around the block, same thing.   I park in pay parking.  By the time, I walk to my building, the emergency has cleared off.  I walk back to pay parking and pay $1 for 15 minutes.  (I pay $105 for parking a year, mind you.)  I make to my office where I scream my effin head off silently.  So despite the universe's attempts to stop me, I am at work.  FU universe and your little pony too.

blog title from a Neil Gaiman tweet this morning

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