Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let's play: What's in my diaper bag?

My sister-in-law AKA Hotshot Mama wrote a post recently about what's in her diaper bag. I thought it was fun so here is mine.

I carry a soft bag made by my mom. It's similar to something I used when Bub was a baby. It has one outside pocket and one inside pocket. It's fairly roomy and not bulky.
In the interest of full disclosure, the only thing I am not documenting is the random candy and coins found at the bottom of it.

1. A blanket. Specifically in this case an Aden + Anais blanket Button got for Christmas. I'd been coveting the cupcake print since before she was born and my cousin sent it for her which was super nice. But I always carry a blanket for a nursing coverup and to cover Button if necessary. You may also notice my nursing strap (the purple thing) next to the blanket. It's something I made from these instructions and it is super handy.

2. Hats and a bow. I don't usually have so many hats but she wore the black one to my mom's the other day and it was in there. Lately I've taken to carrying the Tortoro hat since it cold. But usually I don't have a hat. Bows, on the other, I do usually have one or two stuck in the bag.

3. Food and a cup. Another thing I've just started to carry around since she is eating solids regularly and pretty much demanding food when we eat and snacks are usually a good thing for a bored and hungry month old.. Right now I have a Ella's Kitchen Mangoes and Carrots Nibbly Fingers bar, a pack of Sunny Buddies sunflower butter and berry jam bites and a container of the good old standby of Cheerios. I also have a Nubby bottle/sippy cup since she likes to drink when she eats. Go figure.

4. Pens because it's always handy to have a pen, hand sanitizer for obvious reasons and a bottle of children's Motrin which is actually for Bub and goes in my purse.

5. Diapering paraphernalia. 3 Seventh Generation diapers, one tube of Burt's Bees diaper cream, one changing pad, one wipes case, and some diaper bags for the smelly ones when we are out.

6. Toys. I tend to rotate toys but right now I have two teething toys.

7. A wipeable bib for mealtimes and a burp cloth which is really just for wiping down.

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  1. Fun!
    You make me want to dump mine out.
    I have the norms (diapers, disposable bib, bibs, cream, snacks, and bottle).
    I too like to have pens.
    I don't usually carry bows. But I'm all about the hats. Warm in the winter. Sun protection in the summer.
    I do carry a spoon and I have one pocket of mini packs of hand sanitizer, wet wipes, baby lotion, etc.
    My bag is a bright floral Betsy Johnson bag that looks like this: http://i.pgcdn.com/pi/94/27/49/942749583_260.jpg