Monday, March 29, 2010

Going to see the Mouse

Yesterday we found out that we are going to Disney World in June with my family (my parents, sister, cousin and wife and their daughter, and some of her family and my aunt)!  We are so excited but there is so much to do before then.  Since we didn't know we were going, we now have to save up money and I need to hoarde my vacation time until then.  7 weeks away and now we have to start getting ready while everyone else had been for a year  It's just that my mom really wanted us to go and so she made it possible for us to get there.  I have the best parents!

 So we asked Bub if he wanted to go see the castle and Mickey Mouse which might have been a mistake.  Because last night he put on his footie pjs and told me to put on my shoes so we could go drive in Mommy's car.  When I asked where, he finally told me we were going to see Mickey Mouse.  I had to explain that first Mommy had to have a birthday and then we could go.  Then I felt all crafty and told him that he had to be able to use the potty and not wear diapers before he could go see Mickey.  He was ready to put on his underwear right then, but it is sleepytime so that wasn't going to work.

Then this morning after he was dressed he announced that we were going to see Micky Mouse.  I explained again about my birthday and waiting and being potty trained.  Same conversation after the dentist.  I think I'm going to have this conversation a lot over the next 7 weeks.  But I'm hoping he will be willing to potty train if he thinks he can't see Mickey while wearing diapers.  I hope.  *fingers crossed*

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