Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Sundown" (Lost thoughts)

I'm still waiting for answers.  I'm serious.  I'm getting tired of this. I know not every epsiode can be GIANT crazy reveal or anything, but just throw me a little something now and then.  Also I know the sideways stories (hee) are going to mean something someday, but I find them a little boring right now.
So quickly,


Nadia is married to Sayid's brother, Omer, because Sayid doesn't feel worthy of her since he is a badass killer and all.  His brother took out a loan from the very shady (yet sexy) Martin Keamy who we last saw killing everyone before Ben killed him.  But that was a different universe or something.  Anyway, Omer is mysteriously mugged even though he already payed the loan back and Keamy's guys bring Sayid to meet him in order to get Sayid to convince his brother to keep paying out.  Sayid kills the two bodyguards in about 10 seconds and when Keamy tries to negotiate, Sayid shoots him anyway to be on the safe side.  Sayid then finds No English Jin locked up in the freezer.


Claire is sent to deliver a message which is that Locke wants to see Dogen who is not a fool and knows that Locke wants to kill him so he doesn't go.  He sends Sayid out to stab Locke but that doesn't work and Locke convinces Sayid that he can give him what he wants.  What Sayid wants is to be with Nadia and Locke says he can get him that.  So Sayid goes back and has a nice conversation with Dogen who reveals that he was sent to the Island by Jacob in exchange for his son's life because Dogen had put him in the hospital after a drunken car accident.  Then Sayid drowns Dogen and slits Lennon's throat, saying he knows that the only thing keeping Locke/Smokey out is Dogen.  Everyone has till sundown to decide whether to stay or go.  If you stay, then you die.  Most everyone leaves.  Smokey comes and kills everyone, but misses Illana, Sun, Frank, and Miles. Oh and Ben who went to retrieve Sayid who has gone to crazytown so Ben leaves him.  Kate foolishly tells Crazy!Claire at some point that she took Aaron and Claire gets mad face but shakes it off.  When Smokey comes, Kate jumps into the pit where Claire is being held and so she isn't killed.  I'm guessing Claire wants to do the Kate killing herself.  After all the killing, Sayid emerges with Claire and Kate and they walk over the dead bodies with the eerie music of Claire singing "Catch a Falling Star" playing in the background.  Kate's face is disbelieving.  Locke is standing on the other side of the Temple with all the people who got out in time aka his new followers, Lockies (?).  He nods and smiles at Sayid and Claire and looks at Kate non too happily.  They set off. DUN

What did we learn:

Locke/MIB is an angry man who was trapped by Jacob.  Now that Jacob is dead, he wants to kill every living thing on the Island.  But I think that was obvious before.  I still think Jacob is a god, but now I'm wondering if MIB is one too or what is he?  I'm not sure anymore.  Demi-god?  He is really good at infecting people.  Rousseau went mad as did her crew, Claire is crazycakes and now Sayid is too.  The thing is that Sayid is really good at killing people which is why it is good to have him on your side.  I wonder if they were struggling over Sayid's soul and that is why Jacob said to save Sayid.  Because Locke is a lot stronger with Sayid on his side now.  Claire is fine, but Sayid is a stone cold killer no matter how much he doesn't want to be.  He tries and tries not to, but he is what he is.  I think that was the point of the scence where Sayid the child kills the chicken without hesitation.  He was just born that way.  Is it his destiny?  Like Saywer, I think Sayid is tired of being who he is and that is why he went willingly with Locke.  He just wants something good.

The thought occured to me that maybe the Sideways world is the reality that Locke is creating for the castaways if they join him.  Like here is the thing you want but you don't get in it in the way you want kind of deal the devil makes.  So maybe it's not entirely real yet, but as they join him it becomes more real.

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  1. I love the theory on the Sideways world..that could be it, you know. Every episode, at the end, I tell my husband, I am lost and his response is, 'That is why it is called LOST!'