Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"The Package" (Lost Thoughts)


Well, how about that ending?  I want to say shocking, but it kind of wasn't.  More on that in a minute.

So this was a Jin/Sun episode.  Their sideways story was about on target.  Nothing shocking, not married, she's pregnant (saw that coming), her father is a bastard, etc.  Man, the guy that plays Keamy is pretty awesome.  I loved his moment with Jin in the meat locker.  Like he was actually sorry he had to kill Jin.  How screwed are Jin and Sun now.

Island: I doubt that Locke would have hurt Sun.  I think he really needs her and Jack and Sawyer and he is so desperate to get off that Island that he is willingly to kill God or whoever so he's thinking that persuading Sun and the rest should be a piece of cake.  And then she runs and looks back which is always a mistake and now she can't speak English.  Poor lady.  Oh and he basically gave Crazycakes Claire permission to kill Kate as soon as he can get all the candidates together.  Does he really want to just take them off the Island or is he planning on killing all of them?  And Claire was looking awfully put out that her name wasn't on the list.  And Locke comforts her by offering up Kate.  Dude, she left him with your mom so that should make it better I would think.  Also you abandoned your child in a forest to wander off with your dead dad.  Kate did you a favor.

I love that Illana has such faith in Jacob and he turns out to be right when Richard comes back with Hurley and wants them to go over to Hydra Island.  We didn't get too much information out of that storyline.  I think Jack is stepping up to be the new Jacob.  He sounded a little like him when he was talking to Sun.  That would be an awesome finale if Jack was the new Jacob and Locke was still MIB because that is like an old rivalry.

Widmore is a worthy opponent to Locke.  He set up those pylons to keep him out and seemed to have Locke's number.  Locke was not happy about that situation, but then he had Sayid, who is now devoid of any human emotion, to do his dirty work.  And a Sayid who can't feel anything, especially guilt and regret, is a very dangerous Sayid indeed.

And, of course, the package: a very drugged up Desmond.  I guess the Island still needs him and Widmore used that to locate it.  Is Desmond the last candidate?  Because I count Sun or Jin, Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid which is only 5 really unless you are counting Sun and Jin as 1 and 2.  Ilanna just said there were six people to protect, not six candidates left right?  It would be cool and would explain why Desmond keeps getting dragged to that Island.  He seemed to recognize Sayid even in the condition he was in.  Poor Desmond.  Taken from Penny and little Charlie for Widmore's plan to save the world from MIB.  Does Widmore know the whole story or is he really just guessing from legends and stories?  What are those stories?  Please share with the rest of us.  I'd like to say I was shocked but I wasn't.  I figured it would be Desmond at the end.  Still a great ending though.


  1. O it breaks my heart that Desmond was brought back. The poor man. Hasn't he gone through enough?

    Crazycakes Claire? LOVE it and SO true.

    I call her and Sayid: Zombie Claire and Zombie Sayid.

  2. Heh, they do act very Zombie like.