Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Recon" (Lost Thoughts)

What did we learn:

Locke (MIB) had a crazy mom because of whom he suffered from "growing pains" and has issues he is still holding onto.  Now Aaron has a crazy mom too who tried to kill Kate and then later gave a teary apology after a slap and a talking to from Locke. I'm still going to go with gods and this will hold up under the "mom" issue because most gods have crazy moms and/or dads.  A lot of parent issues with gods.  Someone will have a better theory about who though, I'm sure.

Sayid is now crazy too but in a disaffected way, not a Claire/Rousseau way.  He watched Claire's murder attempt without stopping it.  I think he is just overcome with Locke's promise and what he did.

Kate is wandering around being useless and almost getting killed as usual.

Sawyer became a cop in Sideways world as a result of his parent's murder/suicide, but his goal is still to kill Anthony Cooper.  Oh Sawyer, how far, yet how close.  He is still a charmer and he captured FelonKate at the end of that story.  If he is a cop, then why did he let her go at the airport?  I don't think he is all that dedicated to the law despite his police status.

Sawyer on the Island is playing the long con or really just hedging his bets.  I guess he figures that Locke and Widmore will kill each other leaving him out of it.  I doubt it will be as clean as all that.  So I guess Widmore is on Jacob's side?  Seeing how he wants to kill Locke and all.  Locke was playing Jacob all that time in the cabin with Ben so I guess the real Jacob went and saw Widmore at the some point.  And Widmore did send Keamy and his friends to capture/kill Ben so Widmore wanted to remove Ben from the situation.  Because Ben can be very clever.  Why can't they kill each other again?  Same reason as Jacob and his enemy?  Anyway,...



  1. You know I'm speechless when it comes to LOST this season. I have to agree with you on everything but I am LOST most of the time and with no answers yet.

    I think Sawyer will always have that criminal side so that is why he let Kate go or he feels something for her, really not knowing. You know!

    Sayid, is just there, that is all I can say.

    I suppose it all boils down to RICHARD!! Next week, will hopefully get some answers!