Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teenaged me: an anecdote

When I was in, let's say 11th grade though it might have been 12th...Yes, it was 12th.  Ok, so when I was in 12th grade, I sat behind the boy I had a crush on for 3 years, his best friend, and this other guy in homeroom.  I wasn't even suppose to be by my crush since his last name was "C" and I was "B" but his friend was also a "B" and he wanted to sit by him.  But I digress.  I sat by these guys.  The other guy, let's called him Snape (he was pretty greasy), had a crush on me.  But I ignored it because he was very unattractive (to me, maybe someone else like him, doubtful).  And, like all the other nerds in school, the only reason he liked me was because I was nice to him.  Because I have trouble being outright rude to anyone in general.  Anyway,  one day Snape says to me "Hey, are you going to the [upcoming Winter] Dance?  And I said, "No, I don't think so."  And he said "Do you want to go?"  And I said, "No" thinking it was a general question about whether I was upset to be missing this dance.  As I conveyed this story to my mom later that day, it dawned on me that he was asking me to the dance.  "Do you want to go?" wasn't a general question, it was a specific question.  In a way it was good that I didn't realize what he was asking but I would have been embarrassed and not sure how to turn him down.  But oblivious me just said "no" and that was that.  Sadly, though the homeroom witnessed his embarrassment, I realized later.  I did feel bad about it.  But, I was also embarrassed that he had asked me out in front of my crush. I had no clue as a teenager most of the time.

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