Monday, May 24, 2010

"The End" (Lost thoughts)

Ya'll, I am so sad this is over.  I cried so much last night.  Pretty much every time someone had an epiphany.  I love Charlie and Claire and it made me so happy to see them together again.  But it wasn't just them.  It was everyone.  I'm going to miss this show, flaws and all.  I've been trying to avoid comments on other pages because I truly loved this episode and I don't want anyone to ruin that for me.  Was it perfect?  No.  Was it great?  Yes.  Am I surprised by the ending?  Yes and no.  Some people are calling the ending a cop-out.  But I wonder what would be the best way to end it other than this ending.  No matter what the writers had decided someone would be calling bullshit.  I think they told the story they wanted to tell and that's that. 

I think (and it seems to be the consensus) that everything happened on the Island and everything in Sideways world is just like a holding place for the characters tell they could move on together.  Sideways world was how the characters had wished things had gone.  So they died at some point in their lives (obviously) and made this world where Kate was innocent, and Jack had a son, and Sawyer choose to be good, etc.  There were flaws, but each character got what he or she ultimately wanted.  Some people say they died in the crash, but I don't think so. Christian says that everything really happened and that it all mattered.  It was just a holding place.  They didn't all die at once, but some died before Jack and some died after.  But they wanted to be together to move on.

I'm not sorry that the other mysteries weren't cleared up.  It would have been nice, but it wasn't the point of the show to me.  The point was what happened to the people.  I was invested in them.  I can't think right now of one mystery that I'm dying to understand.  I have reach a place of understanding with Lost.  Sometimes things happen and you will never know why.  That's a lot like real life. 

So much happened last night.  It was very epic.  The whole Lost story revolved around fate vs. free will.  Jack volunteered to be the new Jacob, but it was Hurley's destiny.  Jack's destiny was to save the Island.  Jack is a fixer so of course he would be the one to "fix" the Island.  And, God, that last scene with Vincent.  It makes me tear up just thinking about it.  It's just so sweet and moving.

There's so much to say, but others are going to analyze it to death.  I just wanted to say that I'm going to miss Lost.  It was a truly great show.

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  1. I believe I am at peace with the ending of LOST. Very moving :) I cried too. I was just watching Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to LOST and the video player just keeps buffering...URGH!! I want to see those 3 alternate endings. Go here to view if you haven't see it already.