Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"The Candidate " (Lost Thoughts)

I missed watching it last night and so I watched it during lunch.


So Locke tried to kill all the candidates.  This is not surprising.  Not at all.  I'm guessing he lead them to the sub so he could keep the airplane.  Man, is he mad now.  Cause now he has to go and kill Jack, Sawyer, and Hurley.  Oh and Desmond when he finds out that Sayid *sob* didn't kill him.  Which I knew he didn't.

SAYID! WHY?  My heart is broken.  My beloved Sayid is gone, GONE!  At least he died nobly instead of all zombie, not emotions Sayid.  And Jin and Sun.  So sweet and yet they just orphaned their baby girl.  I really thought Kate was a goner.  Jin and Sun took me by suprise.  *sob*

Sayd *sob* told Jack that it was going to be him.  So I guess Sayid really thought that Jack was going to be the new Jacob.  I can believe that too.  It was always going to be Jack and Locke (after a fashion) in the end.  So does this mean that Sawyer and Hurley are goners too?  Because if Hurley dies, then I'm done.  Never again will I watch TV.  As much as I love Sayid, Hurley is just the best.  And Hurley just sobbing, o. m. g.  That made me cry more.  And Hurley's face when Jack said there is no more Sayid.  I just can't...

And Widmore was right.  It really was best that they stay in the cage.  They would have been better off.  And Jack was right.  Locke couldn't directly kill them and he was betting that someone would pull the wires.  Sawyer never had any faith.  So how is Locke going to kill the others now if he can't directly?  And where is the blond kid at now?  Is that Jacob, mocking Locke?  When will we see Richard Alpert?

I really think Jack and Kate are meant to be.  They care about each other.  Kate is shot and Jack freaks out.  Kate cries that she couldn't find him later on the beach.  I wonder what would happen in sideways world if they really meet.

Speaking of Sideways world, I know things happened, but they just don't seem to be as important though they probably are.  Jack and Claire make a better sibling connection, Anthony Cooper is brain dead, John Locke is responsible.  Anyone else wonder if John was really Locke(!) coming through.  No, just me, ok.

This whole episode was a knife in the heart. 

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