Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"What They Died For" (Lost thoughts)

And then that happened... I'm not sure what to say.  I'm not surprised that Jack took up the mantle of Island protector. He has always wanted to be the savior.  It was obvious that no one else really wanted it.  But it sucks that Jacob wasn't really holding hard and fast to his list while it was causing MiB to kill off the people on the list.  I'm sad because this has lead to the loss of Sayid, Jin, and Sun as well as a lot of other people.  If only the two little boys had been able to resolve their issues before instead of all these games.  But it is understandable that MiB is pissed that Jacob basically threw him under the bus.

Desmond is freaking creepy in Sideways world, yeah?  Cool to see Ana Lucia and interesting she is willing to be paid off.  But that is neither here nor there.  I'm guessing Desmond and Kate are on their way to wake up Jack at David's concert.  Maybe we will see the mom.  Is it Mother?  Doubtful.  I'm hoping for Juliet.  Maybe if they introduced Charlie and Claire she would "wake up."  I just want them to be together.   I have never shipped a couple so hard as Charlie and Claire.  But that's my own thing.

Ben was in rare form.  That man always has a game and he knows what it is like to work for MiB.  I'm betting he has an angle and that he will be important in the end just like he always wanted.  Ben just wanted to be important in some way.  I knew he was going to rat out Widmore b/c he blames Widmore for Alex's death.  So I wasn't surprised at that.  It is almost funny how fast they are going through characters.  But my Richard!  Nooooooooo.  I hope he is not dead yet.

I'm surprised so far at where this ended up.  I'm hoping to be surprised some more.  I think I've reached a Zen place with this show.  Whatever happens happens.

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