Monday, May 10, 2010

Re-obession: LOST

Last Thursday I couldn't sleep.  I sleep approximately one hour out of about 40 hours.  I was tired.  I watched Royal Wedding with Fred Astaire and Peter Lawford.  That's a good old movie if you like those.  Then I decided to watch the premiere episodes of Lost.  I figured it would be fun to see how it started.  This lead to a new obsession.  I am once again going to start watching all the episodes of Lost.  I had planned on doing this anyway once the series was over.  That way I can look for clues, knowing what it is all about.  But I've started now.

Things I have noticed so far:
It was always about Jack.  And Kate and Jack had that thing right from the very beginning.
The episode with Jack following his dad was even spookier, knowing who he really is.
The episode where John Locke had his spiritual quest or whatever is interesting, esp. with the Claire/Charlie thing and the Sun/Jin/Sayid thing.
I forgot that Adam and Eve had a bag with two polish stones in in, one black and one white.   They look like the stones that MIB had before he smashed the wine bottle.

I love Claire and Charlie and I hope they end up together again somehow with baby Aaron.  Really I do.

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