Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Across the Sea" (Lost thoughts)

I usually write this after one viewing because I like writing down my initial "knee jerk" reactions.  And that is what I'm doing right now.  But I feel like this one had so much and nothing at all.  I'm going to have to watch it again.

What we learned:

Jacob and the still unnamed Man in Black are brothers, more to the point twins.  They are the mysterious blond and dark haired kid plaguing current Locke.  Except that Jacob "killed" his brother (hmmm) so whoever is walking around in the MiB suit is not the brother.  MiB and their "mother" are Adam and Eve from the beginning of the show.  So that shows that the brother was actually dead.  Was Smokey released from wherever because Jacob killed his brother in anger and threw him into the mysterious light/"heart of the Island?"  Remember when John Locke looked into the heart of the Island and thought it was beautiful.  Is the Island trying to escape itself?  Does that make any sense at all?

Jacob seemed a little simple, yes?  He was so childlike and trusting even as an adult while his brother was always questioning.  The mother seemed to favor MiB or so Jacob says and I guess he was intended to be the caretaker of the Island, but he just wanted to leave.  So it was left to Jacob to take care of the mysterious light and the whatever place it leads/lead.  Was the mother immortal?  She was stabbed with the same knife that is being passed around and she was grateful to be dying so she must have lived a long time.  She said she didn't want MiB to leave because she loved him which is a crap reason if it is true.  Was it because she herself couldn't leave or was there another reason she didn't say?  She's the one that made it so that they can't hurt each other.  Maybe Smokey is repayment for Jacob hurting his brother.   Because he wasn't suppose to.  This explains MiB saying that Jacob betrayed him and took his body from him.

Now I feel sorry for the old MiB/the brother.  He just wanted to leave and didn't seem to have any other intentions beyond it.  I do not feel sorry for the current Locke.  His intentions are obviously nasty.  I hope everyone gets the right resolution.  I'm assuming Jacob's guilt is the reason behind his acquiesce to his own murder by Ben.

Elsewhere, we get a little about the electromagnetic pockets and the wells on the Island.  Not too much about their significance that I can understand though.  But we sort of know where the donkey wheel came from even though it wasn't put in when the mother cracked MiB's head and buried the well.  But what is this light?  Is it gone now that Smokey is out?  Obviously it can still be harassed because Ben turns the wheel but it leads to Tunisia, but why there, I wonder?  And why does it move the Island?

I'm guessing the mother didn't know what to do with two boys.  Maybe she figured she had one to take over and one to be with her or something.  I need to watch this one again.  I feel like I must be missing something.  I'm noticing a lot of hate for this episode.  I liked it.  The acting on parts was meh, I will agree, but I feel like when this is all over this episode will have some deeper meaning.  It's like looking at one part of a puzzle.  That piece by itself might not be much, but all together the picture is great.  At least I am hoping so.  It was a slower episode and given what we had last week, I can understand the disappointment that this one wasn't bigger.  But I like it and I'm standing by that.

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