Monday, January 11, 2010

Dat's good, yeah

So it's been cold down here and that inspires some warm food.  Last Thursday my husband made a gumbo, Saturday we had boiled shrimp with potatoes and sausage.  And Sunday we had red beans and rice with cornbread.  These are all traditional Cajun foods and I love 'em.  Now BT is from the North, specifically Massachusetts, but that boy can cook, yeah and he makes some fine Cajun food despite being a Yankee.

So he learned to make his own roux, which is the base for gumbo and some other Louisiana dishes and he takes pride in the fact that he makes his own roux.  He has also learned to save the ham bone for his red beans and rice so that in addition to the sausage, it adds some nice ham meat.  Mmmm, c'est bon.

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