Sunday, January 10, 2010


Another one of my Christmas presents (this one from my mom) was a Roku.  It's a small box that will stream Netflix movies onto your TV.  And it is the neatest thing.  We are building up our instant watching queue from Netflix and we can watch all kinds of things on it.  I have a couple of seasons of Dora saved for the little man and BT added some movies he likes and I have some shows that I like.  Not everything is available for instant streaming which sucks but then I don't really expect everything to be available.  This is the one present that I got that I think everyone in the family likes the most.


  1. Very cool. I was wondering about this little device. It streams everything that is on Netflix Watch Online right?? I just may get one for my family.

  2. Yeah, everything that is available to watch instantly. We are actually dropping the amount of DVDs that we get b/c of it. It is so cool and convenient.