Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We'll have fun, fun, fun

Every now and then I think that I don't spend enough time doing stuff with Bub.  Usually we come home and watch TV and eat and then go to bed (not necessarily in that order), but we don't play.  Sometimes we take a walk (we are doing that more since BT and I are trying to get in shape), but we don't do stuff until the weekend.  So last night I decided to stop the boy from watching too much TV and we played.  We played dominoes, and we colored, and played with play-doh.  And it was fun and I know he enjoyed the attention from me.  Although he has hit the questioning phase and so everything is a question like 10 times in a row. But he has become interested in writing and reading and wants me to write everyone's name out and then he "copies" it.  So cute.  I guess we will start working on the alphabet now.

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