Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It was like that one time when I wanted to sleep and no one would let me...oh, wait

Last night when everyone went to bed, I stayed up to beat the game I've been playing (MySims Agents) and it turned out I was almost done so it didn't take long.  I went to bed drowsy and was ready to fall asleep.  AND then my husband kept tossing and turning so that every freaking time I was about to drift off, he would wake me back up.  And then the littlest dog, Java, started whining to go out so BT got up to do that.  Finally everyone settled down and I got to sleep.  Then Java started flipping his bowl at 2:30 AM wanting to eat.  We have never feed the dogs in the middle of the night so I think Java might have lost his mind.  I got up and flick him on the nose and took his bowl away and went back to bed.  So this morning I was/am very tired.

Other people are doing good things so I guess I should try to.  Let's see: Yesterday: playing with Bub, writing on his chalkboard, fajitas made by BT, walking 8000 steps, beating my game

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