Friday, January 22, 2010

Old MacDonald had some designers (or "The Fashion Farm") EIEIO

So everyone is excited or disappointed by last week's challenge.  Heidi gives some vague instructions and then they all go to a farm.
Challenge: Create a party look from a burlap potato sack

The models are the clients and they will wear the outfit to an industry party.  The models get to pick the designers.  The models mostly mostly stay with their designers.  There is some minor upset.  It is a one day challenge.  There is a lot of embellishment to choose from.  Emilio is happy to have immunity.  I can't blame him.  I must say this is one of the more interesting challenges in recent history.  After the last two seasons of pure blah and repetition regarding the challenges.  At least, they are throwing some a little new up.  Anyway, Tim comes around to give the side-eye and the "worrieds" and so on.  Jesus might be in trouble, especially if he doesn't listen to Tim.  Mila can't get over Alexis changing designers. I don't know how I feel about Ping.  She irritates me for some reason and her dress is worrisome, to borrow a Gunnism.

Judges: Heidi, Nina, Michael, Lauren Hutton (wow)

Anthony - red, strapless, short dress, very cocktail, pretty
Ping - burlap dress with a fitted top and this skirt that flares at the hips and OMG her butt HANGING out.
Ben - red, short dress with one shoulder and a poofy skirt, pretty
Mila - very tight, silvery dress, very short with a nice detail down the front and back
Anna Marie - greenish (?) knee length almost sundress with potato prints all over that looks textured
Jesse - pants outfit, lined in pink with a button up top, sort of jockey like
Seth Aaron - short dress with a hood and a modish feel
Amy - did a petal like skirt that she dyed the edges of, with a cowl neck top
Janeane - grey and red cocktail dress
Jay - feathery type skirt, v neck top, cute
Emilio - knee length fitted cocktail dress, burlap interlaced with red and leopard (?) stripes
Jesus - green ribbon skirt, brown burlap top, pretty but no real burlap there
Jonathan - slip like dress with black lace
Maya - I don't know
Pamela - short blue strapless dress, NO

Top Three:

Jay - made burlap look expensive
Mila - gaps but looks good
Amy - love it all around

Bottom Three:

Pamela - too short and too tight, not sophisticated
Ping - yeah, her butt is hanging out
Jesus - something cooler, younger.  Heidi not happy about the lack of burlap

Winner:  Jay (!) (His was the best, I agree)
They kept Ping.  WHY?!
Out:  Pamela (aw)

Models of the Runway:

The models are ultra-impressed with Lauren Hutton.  Heidi is not comforting.  Hopefully that girl won't wear that dress because it looks trashy, but she does.  Some of the girls don't understand what mingling means.  There is a lot of mixing up which is unusual and it comes down to Seth Aaron who picks Sarah leaving Elzaveth or whatever to go home.  She was nice but not a strong walker.  Of course, she was modeling Ping's crappy dresses.

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