Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome to the Runway (or "Back to New York")

So it's back to New York for this season.  Thank God.  Maybe it won't suck this season, especially. since Michael and Nina are back full time.
So we are introduced to Seth Henderson who wants to be a fashion icon and has a star tattoo on his neck, Janeane Ceccanti who cries at the thought of Bryant Park and can't work a revolving door, Ping Wu who is a physical therapist, Ben Chmura who went to school for comic book illustration which is very cool, Anthony Williams who is from 'Bama and wants to be pageant designer a la Kane and I'm pretty sure is made of win.  Next up is Jay Sario who has nothing interesting to say, Pamela Ptak who used to be in advertising, Anna Marie Lynett who reminds me of Jewe Strait look wise, Jonathan Peters who reminds me of Nick and uses the phrase "gritty meets pretty," Jesse Lenoir who used to be Jack Sparrow and then became a designer.  Then we meet Mila Hermanovsi who is a costume designer for TV mostly, Maya Luz, Christiane King who is from the Ivory Coast, Jesus Estrada, Emilio Sosa who is a costume designer, and Amy Sarabi.   All the designers go up to the roof to meet Heidi, who is pregnant in this season with little Lou, and Tim Gunn.

They go to Central Park where they are tons of fabrics laying around.  They have to design a representative look and have three minutes to grab what they want.  Then they have to select five fabrics from what they grabbed.  Wow, they get flat screen notebooks.  That's a serious upgrade.

It's so cute how they are still fresh and haven't been worked to the bone yet as they will later.  We meet the models, but we will have a bigger introduction later.  I don't know if I'm going to watch the Model show.  It was ridiculously boring last time.  Anyway, Tim goes around and corrects everyone.  There is some freaking out.  Some of it looks really nice.  Some, not so much.

Judges: Heidi, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Nicole Richie who is also pregnant but with little Sparrow

Jonathan - short black dress with belt and some detail around the top of the bust and shoulders
Seth - short black/white checked dress, sort of funky and hipster-ish. I think it is cute.
Jesus - long brown crocodile skin dress with one shoulder and a collar and a train
Ben - short orange sequined dress with weird shoulders
Jay - oh no.  Short strapless dress with GIANT rosettes hanging off of it
Pamela - hot pink short dress with short bell sleeves and a v neck.  It's very pretty.
Emilio - short purple/white large scale print with criss-cross pieces.  I can't describe it but it is very pretty.
Jesse- knee length houndstooth (I think) off the shoulder dress, but it turns out to have a jacket with a very red shirt underneath which makes it better
Ping - I don't know.  I just can't.  Hideous is a good word.
Christiane - pretty blue short dress with a print wrapped along it
Amy - short black/white bubble dress with a corset top that looks unfinished
Jeneane - long frumpy dress black at top white on bottom, meh
Mila - A suit like outfit with a square patterned top, a short skirt and a blue jacket.  It's like it's too many pattern
Anthony - black flower print dress with a huge ruffle on one side
Anne Marie - short gold dress with peach accents
Maya - gold dress with a giant ruffle on the shoulder

Top three:

Ping! (What the hell)

Bottom three:


Winner:  Emilio! YAY I really liked his dress.
Out:  Christiane (aw she seemed nice)

I can totally see Heidi as a mom FYI.

Models of the Runway:
So yeah I'm going to watch it.  Meet the models.  I'm not giving a rundown because this show is dumb.  Holly was Emilio's model.  She is very self-confident, but she was really good.  They go to the apartment and picked beds, etc.  Although I liked when one of the blond models sings out to the cutaway over the city.   I have to remark on Sophia, the very L.A. model because wow anal-retentive much. They go to a runway coach.  Some are offended.  One of the blonds needs some serious self-esteem.  Everyone sticks with their same model basically.

Out is Kelly who was Christiane's model.  It isn't really suprising.

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