Friday, February 5, 2010

Eat Your, I mean, "Design Your Heart Out"

Last week Ping was out.  I'm disappointed about missing posting about that epsiode because I really wanted her gone.  She only also interesting for her crazy clothes.  She herself was boring.
Heidi looks like she just had some morning sickness or something.
So this week the challenge is  Create a signature dress for the Campbell's Address Your Heart Program.  Red must be prominent and Campbell brand must be present.  The models are women who have been impacted by heart disease.  Jay's lady makes him cry.  They have amazing stories.  Anthony's mom had heart surgery so he and his lady cry together.  I don't know how the Campbell's fabric is going to work out because it is going to look stupid unless used just so.  It's a one day challenge.  Most of the designers are struggling with making dresses for people who are not stick thin.  Ping would have just draped some crappy fabric and called it a dress.  Moving on...
Tim = harbinger of doom, etc. The designer are freaking out by the non-proportional non-size 2 women.  Stupid designers.
Has anyone ever wanted to use the wall erroneously like on purpose?  Doubt it.

Judges: Heidi, Michel, Nina, Georgina Chapman (Designer and Co-founder of Marchesa)

Jonathan - long multi-tiere dress tied at the waist with the Campbell's fabric, I like the high neckline a lot. The bust looks weird though.
Emilio - short cocktail dress with emprie waist and the Campbell's fabric at the top of the waist, shiny polka dots, eh
Maya - knee length, gold fabric that wraps from right breast to waist that is sort of heart shaped, lot of ruching, Campbell purse
Anthony - red bottom and vest, Campbell pattern top, eh
Amy - long flowy dress, Campbell tie under bust,
Jesus - short, tight dress that is way too young for his lady. Campbell fabric down the side, rhinestone straps, very The Body Shop or something cheap
Anna Marie - oh sweet baby girl, no.  knee length dress with a flowy bottom and a v-top with sheer?/nude fabric under.  It just looks so wrong.
Jay - long strapless dress with Campbell fabric in a very subtle roll at waist, layered sweetheart top, very cute
Jessie - knee length red skirt, white jacket, Campbell rose brooch thing, cute, model seems to like it.
Ben - long dress with high slit, halter top, gold belt, Campbell fabric is a subtle lining at the edge of slit
Mila - long red dress with Campbell white star cutouts and Campbell fabric trim halter top, eh
Jeneane - mid calf, spaghetti straps, white ruffle detail with Campbell rose, bottom layer of off white with the same fabric at top, almost like a dress on top of a dress
Seth Aaron - black bottom, red top, Campbell bell belt and edging on cross over top, model likes it

Top three:

Mila - fun and classic, job well done
Amy - beautiful, elegant
Maya - something interesting, nice shape, draping

Bottom three:

Jessie - boring
Jesus - Michael's face is like oh, honey no.  Cheap.  He needs to learn to edit.
Anna Marie - top is a no, makes her look broad

Winner: Amy! Very good, her dress was really great.

Out:  Jesus!  Thank Goodness because he really didn't do that well.  Cheap, tacky, tight, shiny = all the things Michael, Nina, and Heidi hate more than anything.  The dress can be ugly as hell as long as it doesn't look cheap.

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