Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Lighthouse" (Lost thoughts)


Jack comes home from work.  He changes clothes and discovers an appendix scar.  He asks his mom over the phone when he has them out and she says when he was 8 or 9 but he doesn't really remember.  She is freaking out because she can't find Christian's will.  He is late for something which turns out to be picking up his son from school!  The son, David, doesn't seem to like Jack very much.  As an aside, why does Jack, a successful surgeon, drive such a crappy car.   Anyway, Jack goes over to his mom's to look for the will and she thinks that David is scared of Jack.  When Jack gets back to his apartment, David is gone.  Jack goes looking for him and finds out that he is at an audition for the Williams Conservatory.  He goes and hears David playing  beautifully.  He meets Dogen whose son has just told Jack that his little boy is very good and Dogen says that they are too young to have this kind of pressure and that Jack's son has a gift, but Jack didn't know David still played.  Jack and David have a conversation later and David says that he was afraid of Jack's expectations.  Jack tells him the Christian told him once that he didn't have what it takes and Jack carried that around with him for life, but that David can never fail in Jack's eyes.


Jack talks with Dogen about whether the others are coming back and Jack says no. Hurley talks with Jacob who needs him to do something.  Someone is coming to the Island and he needs Hurley to help him find it.  He tells Hurley to get a pen.  Hurley is wandering around when Dogen finds him.  Jacob appears to Hurley who tells him to tell Dogen that he is a candidate.  He can do what I want.  Dogen responds in Japanese ("You're lucky that I have to protect you. Otherwise I'd have cut your head off.")  Jacob says that Hurley has to get Jack to help him to which Hurley responds that is impossible to get Jack to do something and that he just lied to a samurai.  I love Hurley so very much.  He is made of a whole lot of win.  Anyway, Hurley tries the espionage approach but Jack callls him out on it so Hurley says that Jacob told him that Jack has what it takes.  This gets a huge reaction out of Jack who now wants to find Jacob.
Jack tells Sayid about the poison and how they think he is infected and says there is someone else, but Jack doesn't say who that we see. 
Anyway, Jack goes with Hurley.  They run into Kate and there's a little something between the two of them but she runs off to find Claire.  Hurley is happy to be off with Jack like old times and they run into the caves with the skeletons.  Hurley supposes that the skeletons could be them gone back in time.  Jack sees Christian's coffin and explains how he found the caves and why he smashed the coffin.  They talk about why they each went back: Hurley because Jacob told him to and Jack because he thought the Island could fix him.
Finally, they get to the lighthouse.  Jack kicks the door open and they climb up. There is a huge sundial with writing and 3(?) mirrors.  Hurley says they are suppose to turn the mirrors and dial to 108 degrees.  He starts pulling on the chains and Jacks see things reflected at certain points in the mirrors.  He sees the pagoda where Jin and Sun were married, the church where little Sawyer was after his parent's funeral, and his childhood house.  The points of the reflections correspond to the numbers on the dial and each number has a name written next to it.  Jack is 23.  Jack gets upset that Jacob was watching them the whole time and breaks the mirrors.
Later, Jack is off reflecting on life or whatever and Jacob appears to Hurley again.  Hurley is mad as he is not big on secret plans.  Jacob wanted Jack to find the mirrors because he ahs something to do and he has to figure it out on his own and Jack can't just be told.  That is because he is a not a believer.  He has to have everything spelled out in detail and even then he just does what he wants anyway.  Jacob says that the someone coming to Island will find it another way, he just had to get them out of the Temple because someone bad is coming them.  Hurley wants to warn them but Jacob says it's too late.

Elsewhere,  Claire gets the trap off of Jin and she remembers him.  She's been out there for 3 years ever since they all left.  Right now she is living in a tent with dynamite and a bassinet (the same one that John made for Aaron?) with a makeshift baby doll and it is so gross so Claire has definitely lost it.   She patches up Jin's leg.  She also finds Justin, the nice Other, not dead yet so she ties him up.  Apparently she's been to the Temple where they burned her (like Sayid?) and she thinks they have Aaron.  She thinks this because her father and her "friend" told her.  She asks Jin if he is still her friend.  Jin looks alarmed but agrees that yes he is still her friend. She threatens Justin and she is going to kill him but Jin stops her.  He tells her Kate took Aaron off the Island and that Aaron is 3 now.  She kills Justin anyway.  Jin tries to get Claire to go to the Temple telling her that he was lying that Kate had Aaron to save Justin, but she is right.   Aaron is at the Temple.  She says good, that she'd kill Kate if she was raising Aaron.  Suddenly, NotLocke appears and Jin is surprised and says John? and Clarie rolls her eyes and says no that is her friend.  NotLocke smiles.  DUN!

So what have we learned:
The numbers that have carried us through the years correspond to the numbers on the sundial and all the candidates are assigned a number and through the dial Jacob can look at them off Island.  That is what the numbers on the cave wall meant.  Now I wonder if Jacob is the one that wrote those on the wall.  I think that was the MIB's hideout and he was marking them out as he got rid of the candiates.  He didn't want anyone to replace Jacob.
All of Jacob's viable candidates are away from the Temple now.  Sun is treaking through the jungle, Jin is with Claire,  Hurely and Jack are at the Lighthouse.  Sawyer is with NotLocke, I presume so he will meet up with Claire and Jin soon.  Sayid is tainted now so he can't be a candidate.  Kate wasn't on the cave list but she was apparently number 51 on the dial and I don't know about Miles. (oh here is the complete list) He doesn't count maybe because he came on Widmore's ship or he just isn't a candidate or he's escaped but we don't know it yet.
I'm guessing that NotLocke and Claire are heading for the Temple and that NotLocke is the someone bad.  Evidenually Claire is going to find out that Kate took Aaron and then she is going to go apeshit on her.  I wonder if the MIB really thinks Aaron is at the Temple and doesn't know that Kate took him away.  I bet he is important since he was born on the Island.  So who really appeared to Kate and told her not to bring him back?  Claire has obviously been tainted by the MIB.  She was living in the cabin with Christian who was really MIB.  She doesn't remember leaving Aaron under a tree.
I was reading somewhere (I don't remember where) and someone asked a question or said something about all the lists.  Because there were a lot of lists and Jack and Sayid usually went on the list.  But I think all the lists that Ben had were from the MIB since Ben obviously thought that the man in the cabin was Jacob and so listened to him, but it was really MIB and Ben didn't know better.  MIB was putting out the lists trying to eliminate the candidates for whatever reason.


  1. I'm LOST & baffled!! That is why this TV show is called LOST!! They keep giving curve balls left & right.

  2. I know!! It's so crazy even though the time for questions is over, it is apparently not the time for answers.