Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"What Kate Does" (Lost thoughts)

I was less impressed with last night's episode than I'd hoped for.  This happens a lot with Kate episodes since they don't reveal all that much except Kate always makes good and dumb decisions (but then that goes for all of them really). 

So flash sideways:
Kate steals a cab with the pregnant Claire and once the cab driver escapes, Kate makes Claire get out.  She doesn't noticed the almost 9 months pregnant belly.  Then she gets out of the handcuffs and finding that Claire's bag is stuff with baby gear goes back and gets her.  It turns out the the adopting couple is spliting and can't take the baby.  Who lets a heavily pregnant woman fly from Australia for an adoption for no reason?  Also shouldn't they have come to her?  Anyway, Claire goes into labor and Kate takes her to the hospital where Dr. Ethan(!) stops the labor.  Claire gives Kate her credit card and I guess that's it.  Although, Claire does call the baby Aaron in a moment of panic.

Sayid dead, Sayid not dead, confusion all around.  Sawyer escapes and Kate follows, of course with Jin who wants to look for Sun.  JGH burns Sayid and pokes him with a red hot poker and RHM (name Lennon) says Sayid passes the test.  Then he says he lied.  Whatever.  JGH, whose name is Dogen, gives a pill to cure the infection in Sayid, but Jack won't give it to him since he doesn't know what it is in it.  At first I thought Jack was doing his "man of science" thing, but I think it was really about having no trust in the Others and how Jack always seems to make the wrong decision.  Jack actually tells Dogen that he doesn't trust himself, so how can he trust them?  Jack swallows the pill but Dogen makes him cought it up.  It was poision.  Sayid has been claimed by the darkenss which will eat away everything that made him Sayid.  Dogen says it happened to Claire.  So she was with the MIB/Not!Locke/Christian(? I guessing) when she walked away from Aaron and was seen in the cabin!

Asshole Aldo and Justin go with Jin and Kate.  Kate almost sets off a trap and it is discussed that it must be one of the old Rosseau traps.  Justin thinks it is someone else, but before he can tell Aldo shuts him up.  Aldo is an asshole so he is destined to die.  Aldo is still mad at Kate for knocking him out when she rescued Alex's boyfriend.  Whatever, dude, hold that grunge. Kate knocks him out again and she runs off for Sawyer where they share a teary moment.  He wanted to marry Juliet and both blame themselves for her death.  Kate wants to find Claire to reunite her with Aaron.
Jin, meanwhile, runs into Aldo and Justin.  Aldo wants to shoot Jin and just as he is about to, the two Others are shot by a wild looking Claire!  So Claire is the new Rousseau! DUN!

Nothing really gets answered this time and very little information comes out.  The flash sideways are offering anything right now and the old timeline was a little stagnant.  I really enjoyed seeing Claire again and when they finally explain what happened then we will get some answers.  I'm guesssing that when the ash circle was broken and the MIB got out, then Claire got out too unless she is the one that broke the circle.  When was she infected?  I'm assuming before she abandoned Aaron. 

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