Friday, February 12, 2010

Run for Your Life, er, "Run for Cover"

Mila complains that no one was happy for her last challenge. Maybe it's about jealously she says. Maybe it's about you walking into the room singing "Top two, top two." Ass. Anthony is just happy not to be at the bottom.
Challenge: Create a look to be worn by a celebrity on the cover of Marie Claire
Heidi is the celebrity. They act happy, but I don't know if they really are. At least she won't be pregnant by then.
Interesting that some designers use the little computer notepads and others use regular paper notebooks. Let me say now, that I really don't care about this challenge. It seems so blah. I don't know, but so far nothing is really so great about this season. It's better than the last one though.
Every time I see Anna Marie I think how she looks like Jewel Staite. It's weird, but one of the models looks like Uma Thurman and one looks like Maggie Gyllenhall. Celebrity look-a-likes abound!
Tim comes in, tries to encourage the designers. The designers don't help him since none of them seem to know exactly what they are doing. Apparently they didn't hear earlier about using patterns because everything seems to be too much for a cover. Well, except Anna Marie seems to have a "cooler" look. Emilio's looks interesting. Jay is using white which is so stupid for a cover unless they use a colored background. Does Marie Clair do that? I don't know, don't read it.

Judges: Heidi, Michael, Nina, and Joanna Coles (Editor-in-Chief, Marie Claire)

Amy - strapless, multi-colored print asymmetrical dress with a giant fabric corsage
Seth Aaron - pant suit, shiny
Jesse - green ruffled dress with plunging neckline
Anna Marie - blue tank, short, silver vest, meh
Anthony - blue ruffled dress with one shoulder, pretty color
Janeane - has no confidence in her dress. I agree. silvery white fitted dress
Mila - short, with lots of cleavage, and a arrow type pattern
Emilio - red dress with a cool criss cross around bust and lacing. I like it.
Jay - huge dress with one shoulder, white striped. It looks like a nightgown.
Jonathan - oh, no. gold hot pants romper with flowy sleeves. I can't  How did this not make the bottom 3, I don't know?
Maya - blue and tan dress, high collar
Ben - yellow brown, teal, interesting

Top 3:

Emilio though they make him cut the straps off, and take the model's ponytail down. It looks much better.

Bottom 3:

Anna Marie

Winner: Anthony (!) (I love him! He is my favorite.) He makes everyone laugh and they all seem genuinely happy for him.
Out:  Anna Marie.  I figured it since her outfit was so off base.  Aw.  She was nice.

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