Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Story...

Ever wonder how I met my wonderful husband? No.  Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway.

I became friends with a girl, Britt, in the summer of 1999 when we were both on the orientation staff together and started hanging out with her a lot.  One of BT's best friends from high school, Lou Lou, was Britt's roommate.  We were friends and I was at their apartment all summer long, but it wasn't until the end of the summer that I met him.  We managed to miss each other all summer.
One day Britt and I were getting ready to go take yearbook pics and I was ironing our shirts when BT came over to hang out with Lou Lou.  We talked a little and then went our separate ways, then later Britt and I were hanging out with some other friends and BT and Lou Lou were about to go out and BT came to talk to us while she got dressed.  We had been drinking a little (a lot) and we were very giddy and though it was hilarious that he was wearing overalls and that he was so short (he is only 5'3" while I'm 5'1").  I remember standing next to him to measure heights.

The next time I saw him was at a Greek event (Britt and Lou Lou were in the same society) called "Yell like Hell" a spirit event.  And he was trying to be funny and it was cute and I kept saying later that night to Britt that it was a shame because obviously he and Lou Lou were destined to get married but that he was so cute.

And then the next time I saw him was on a friend's birthday on October 22.   We all went out to a club and we were both a little bored and I was sitting across from him and I kicked him under the table.  So we started flirting and that was that.  We were an unofficial couple and then we were just a couple.  And six years later almost to the day, we got married.  So here we are, 11 years after the kick, married with one son and two dogs and there is very little I would change about any of it.


  1. 6 years? OMG I'd hav pinned him down by then LOL. THanks so much for sharing your story :)

  2. Yeah, I wanted it to happen a little sooner than it did. But we lived together for 4 of those years.