Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympics so far

S o I'm trying to blog everday in February and I've done a fair job so far.  There are only 6 days left and I've posted something everyday.  It might not be good, but it's up.  And I had actually thought of a good topic for today and then promptly forgot about it. 

I have been watching the Olympics every chance I get it.  I'm big on the ice skating/dancing and I like snowboarding and curling.  I haven't watched any curling though, but snowboarding was on before ice skating so I got to watch it then.  I missed most of ice dancing last night since I was bone tired and it was impossible for me to stay awake.  It turns out that the Canadaian team won gold, and the American team I liked won silver so good for them.  The crazy Russian team that don't seem to understand cultural sensitivity won bronze and were apparently poor losers.  Tonight is the ladies' short program which will probably be on against Lost and so I will have to watch it later.  I can't give up Lost for anything, not even the Olympics.  Thank God for the DVR.

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