Monday, July 20, 2009

Half Blood Prince thoughts

I went with my mom to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Sunday. I really loved it and would like to see it again. I've seen some people have problems with the Harry/Hermione thing and the fact that Ron is only used for comic relief. I get that, I do. But it doesn't seem that important to me. The fact is that the movies are never going to live up to what plays out in my head when I read and there is no way to satisfy everyone.

Harry and Hermione's friendship needed to be reaffirmed for the next movie and I couldn't tell you about Ron, honestly. I do wish that they had kept him in the final "we're going with you" conversation but maybe the point was to say that of course he will go there is no real need to say it aloud.

The girl who played Lavender did an excellent job and so do Luna and Ginny. I didn't understand the point of the Burrow scene and wasn't too fond of the H/G kiss. It is really better in the book. I wanted more H/G scenes.

I cried at the end, of course, but I wished there had been a funeral scene. I wish the twins hadn't talked in unison. They usually finish each other's sentences and it was lazy of the someone to make them talk together.

It was such a pretty movie. I love the look of the cave and how Hogwarts looked. Michael Gambon and Tom Felton gave really great performances, very nuanced and subtle. This is the first time I liked Gambon's Dumbledore. Also it was nice that Ron said more than "Bloody Hell" in this movie.

I think I need to see it again.

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