Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Potty Training randomly enough

Well, I'm almost done with the boy's new room. The squares are painted except the red needs another coat I decided this morning. But it is too cute.
The chalkboard wall should be ready today. I need to stop and get some chalk and see if it works but I think Bubs will love it.

They have started putting him on the potty at daycare and we've been talking about it a lot at our house. He will sit on it, but he still isn't aware of when he needs to. I don't think he is ready but I'm going to start with pull-ups anyway. They are easier to change standing up. Luckily my favorite brand of diapers, Seventh Generation, makes training pants so I ordered some of those along with some regular diapers but next time I think I might only get pull-ups. The only problem is that they are not good for naps or night-time so I'm still going to have to invest in some night-time diapers or something. But they are the chlorine free, hypoallergenic, environment-friendlier brand that I've been using on him so I'm going to continue that. This other brand, Nature Babycare, also makes training pants but I didn't like the diapers so I don't know about those. I should have ordered some flushable wipes. Seventh Generation doesn't make any so I'll have to get another brand.

So this turned into a post on diapers. Scintillating I'm sure.

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